New & Refurbished Business Phone Systems

Do you have an existing legacy phone system , PBX , KSU , digital , analog, or hybrid product that you still want to preserve? When it makes more sense financially to utilize the system and solutions that brought you this far, can provide both the care and maintenance it needs until you are ready to upgrade or, we can recommend a migration path to transition you to the latest Cloud or hosted solutions.

Iteleco Features can help troubleshoot, enhance, remove, or replace improperly functioning components. We can locate and provide parts & phones to support continued growth, modify existing applications or add third-party products to improve system functionality and reliability.

Our tech support team provides experience in the maintenance, enhancement, and support of your legacy phone system.’s partnership with your company is focused on real-world business results by helping you support your current telecommunications system. Our technical support team has over 75 years of experience supporting phone systems that are no longer being manufactured.

legacy of New & Refurbished Business phone system

We understand that your legacy phone system has supported your business through technical revolutions and industry changes. You made a substantial investment in your phone system and while it may no longer be supported by the manufacturer, it is still vital to your business. will help you keep it functioning and running as long as you need or until you are ready to replace it. Products we continue to support include:

AT&T , Avaya , Nortel , Panasonic, NEC , Vodavi , Comdial , Norstar , and Meridian